Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Recap

This year, due to scheduling conflicts and budget issues, I was unable to see my momma on Mother's day. :( I did not care for this at all and neither did she! I am thinking that next year we will be having a mommy and me trip somewhere to make up for it!

Anyways, A and J made my mother's day very special as they do every year. J had wanted me to get some flowers and plants, so a few weeks ago, we made a trip to l0w3s and bought several plants, flowers and shrubs.

J picked out all the flowers including the pink hydrangea! She then helped me plant the smaller ones!  I am happy to report that my killer thumb hasn't been successful as of yet! :)

My Mother's Day weekend was jam packed with activities! Friday, I went to J's school and had a picnic in the gym with her and her classmates. Then it was off to some appointments and finished the day with a girl scout meeting that night!

Saturday, we walked in the 73rd Annual Portland Strawberry Parade with our troop! It was so fun and the girls all did a great job waving and singing!!!

On Sunday, A and J treated me to j3t's pizza, a brisk walk in the park, a much needed nap and a few homemade gifts from J's school! We also had a couple of  movie nights with Iron Man 2 and Thor.

Overall, I got more love from them than I deserve! I thank God for all of the gifts He has given me. I am truly blessed and extremely grateful for my family and their love!

I hope you had a chance to call, visit, talk to you mom this past weekend. I have several loved ones that weren't able to do so, as their mom's have already made it home to be with Jesus. I pray that those of us who still have their mom's here on earth don't take this time for granted.