Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let The Games Begin!!!

I have heard for months about couponing and the up and down hill battles that my friends and family endure each Sunday morning. I have also caught a few glimpses of the reality shows that feature women getting their $1000+ groceries for less than $100! So, I have decided to become one of “those” women!  

Last year when all the hype began, I tried to get into it but totally went about it the wrong way. This time will be different! I have researched stock piling, couponing, bulk ordering, etc.  I have the coupon binder, the many blog subscriptions, a vast selection of friends who are couponing DIVA’S and the determination to be able to only spend $75 at the grocery store every payday! 

As of the end of 2012, we were averaging a $225+ grocery bill…for three people…every two weeks! I believe that in order to achieve my dream of being a SAHM, there are a number of financial steps we have to climb down. One of those big steps is to cut that down significantly. This should be an interesting leg of my SAHM journey! Wish me luck! 


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