Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My First Week as a Couponer!

All last week I did research on two different things. One was how to set up an Aquarium for J’s birthday and the other was couponing/stock piling.  I am happy to say both subjects were aced! We got her tank set up and have only had one fishy fatality but more about that later.  With the couponing, I searched and read countless blogs/articles on how and where to start. I compiled a To-Do list for the first battle and tried to stay on track the best I could!! 

The first thing most suggested was to inventory your pantry and plan your menu for the week. And I have to say if you don’t stay on task that leads to more mischief, such as re-arranging your pantry and drawers and forgetting to the fam about where you put everything! The next was to look at all sales ads. On Sunday, I poured over all of the ads and came to the conclusion that I could not pass up the 10 for $10 sale at my local grocery store.  I wanted to stock pile a little and get grocery’s to last us for the next two weeks. 

Despite the horrid weather forecast last night, I was able to go grocery shopping! I marched into the store with my head held high and my coupons and calculator at the ready! I was determined to beat the register and not make my husband cry because I went over budget :).  

So with this Mega Sale going on, I was able to stock pile on pasta, paper towels and Capri suns for J. I was successful in coming around $37 under my budget!! Let me tell you the feeling was great! I was wanting to do the WAVE and probably could have tried doing a cartwheel or something else about it…until I realized there were a few essential items I missed. OOOPS! 

Ok, so I am not ready for a reality TV show nor am I ready to give my notice at work. However, the lessons learned from this week will carry over to the next. Have a great one everyone!

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